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It’s time to put mental health at the forefront of your ‘to-do’ list! To assist you in your journey our experts have created WellBalance, a comprehensive wellbeing program designed to give you the tools that you need to succeed and to improve the overall mental wellbeing of your employees.  Our program evaluates employee behavioral factors as well as physical health and social needs to create a metric of their overall wellbeing. We will identify the presence of issues in employee physical, social, or behavioral functioning, and guide employees to avenues where they can access relevant resources through our targeted education system.  Our technology’s ability to identify problem areas and provide relevant resources to employees helps streamline the behavioral care process and ensure that employees are supported from the beginning to the end of their behavioral health journey.

We are a global platform built on evidence-based principles. We provide resources using a clinically-based questionnaire and care progress assessment tool, targeted personal digital education and certified licensed therapists. Other valuable programs available for your members to supplement their journey through the 8 pillars of wellness include eLearning, Focus5 strategy and journaling program (with or without coaching), wellbeing gamification, surveys, medically validated video library, monthly live streaming events, online meditation, and stress prerecorded and live courses, peer to peer communities, comprehensive reporting and much more.

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