Program Components

WellBalance is a program that brings the mental wellbeing of your staff to the forefront. Participants will begin the program with a comprehensive WellBeing Assessment. This assessment reviews wellbeing, stress coping, and emotional health. Following the assessment, participants begin Knowledge8, an 8-week program that provides a knowledge base and understanding of the 8 pillars of wellbeing. Focu5 is the next step in the program which encourages participants to determine how to best focus their energy on specific areas of wellbeing, for five weeks. Finally, participants will begin Wholesome Habits, an 8-week program that helps to track and encourage wellbeing habits over 8 weeks. WellBalance participants will close out the journey by taking a final survey to assess how the WellBalance program has helped in their mental wellness journey.



Our partner Mindyra offers several tools utilized within the WellBalance program. The Mental Health Program “MHP” is Mindyra’s online mental healthcare solution. The MHP provides mental health resources to employees when and where they need them. Within the program, employees may quickly and confidentially self-screen for relevant mental health challenges. Based on the screener results, employees are provided mental health resources in real-time specific to their challenges and at a level of engagement they want, ranging from education and self-help to the option to connect with a professional. As an integral part of the program, employees regularly self-administer the Care Progress Survey™, which takes less than 5 minutes and keeps them engaged in the success of their care.


Providing personalized mental health care requires a full understanding of an employee’s mental health challenges. Traditionally the focus is only on depression, anxiety, and stress. However, recent research has shown that employees’ difficulties are more complex. Mindyra’s unique, clinically-validated screening (Mindyra-9™) and diagnostic (Mind Health Survey™) tools go above and beyond evaluating the typical domains of depression, anxiety, and stress, by also assessing difficulties with mania, trauma, sleep, substance abuse, personality, and more. Identifying the range of an employee’s mental health difficulties is essential to a successful care program. The Care Progress Survey™ continuously evaluates the employees’ functional improvement related to their work, social life, family life, and self-care. Altogether, the MHP guides the employee through their mental health journey, supporting them along every step of the way.


In addition, the Mindyra Wellbeing Index™ “MWI” provides an aggregated view of the total employee population across four key areas:(a) Total Wellbeing, (b) Mental Wellbeing, (c) Physical Wellbeing, and (d) Social Wellbeing. This 41-item digital survey is completed by a representative number of employees through a confidential and private interface. Based on the results, employers get an aggregated, de-identified report regarding the needs of their employees. The purpose of the MWI is to help employers align the needs of their employees with their healthcare benefits and wellbeing program offerings.


With Knowledge8, you will unlock weekly webinars, and complete a quiz for each pillar of wellbeing; nutritional, financial, environmental, physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and connectedness. As you complete each webinar and quiz, you can watch your knowledge for wellbeing increase through the growth of a tree, while unlocking the WellWorks For You Knowledge8 mantra.


Focus5 is a 5-week program that allows you to determine how to focus your energy on specific areas of wellbeing. Begin each week with a specific focus area, journal 2-3 stressors or obstacles you are facing in that area, and set specific weekly goals for yourself. At the end of each week, you will check-in to jot down what you did to improve your wellbeing in your week’s focus area.

wholesome habits

Build healthy habits with Wholesome Habits, a program that allows you to apply the wellbeing knowledge that you’ve learned, to complete a different Wholesome Habit each day. Self-report your completion of 20-32 habits in order to complete the program. As you complete each habit, watch your heart build color, and complete while keeping track of your progress as you go.

Monthly Livestreaming Webinars

Participants can join our monthly sessions of live meditation, yoga, and financial wellness webinars. Each webinar will be presented by top professionals in their fields with the focus of relieving stress and anxiety through the power of movement and education. Employers also have access to establishing private corporate meditation and yoga sessions.